Effectiveness of the Combination of Imidacloprid/ Moxidectin/ Praziquantel and Moxidectin/ Praziquantel Applied Topically in Dogs with Endoparasites and Ectoparasites

The Open Parasitology Journal 11 May 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18744214-v11-e230419-2022-4



Topically applied antiparasitic drugs used in dogs have evolved in terms of active ingredients, but progress has also been made through the development of drugs that control both ectoparasites and enteroparasites (nematodes and cestodes).


The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g and Imidacloprid 10.0g/ Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g combinations applied topically in dogs with helminths (cestodes and nematodes) and ectoparasites, respectively.


A total number of 276 dogs were analyzed. Dogs with nematodes or cestodes were treated with Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g. All the positive cases for ectoparasites were treated with Imidacloprid 10.0g/ Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g.


The effectiveness of Moxidectin/ Praziquantel was ≥99.8% from day 14 to day 35 on all the nematodes analyzed. The effectiveness of Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g for Dipylidium caninum was significant on day 7 (75%) and reached 100% by day 14. A significant efficacy for Taenia spp. was achieved by day 7 and 100% from day 28 AT. Eighty-three dogs tested positive for 11 classes of ectoparasites. The Imidacloprid 10.0g /Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g treatment proved to be effective in all the ectoparasites from day 7, until reaching 100% effectiveness by day 14 in the Linognathus setosus, Ctenocephalides canis, Amblyomma americanum, Ixodes spp., Rhipicephalus sanguineus, and Dermacentor reticulatus sp. We found a positive correlation (r= 0.7430, p= <0.0001) between the pruritus scale and lesion scale.


The use of Moxidectin 3.5g /Praziquantel 10.0g applied topically was effective against nematodes and cestodes. Imidacloprid 10.0g/ Moxidectin 3.5g/ Praziquantel 10.0g was effective against ectoparasites and pruritus.

Keywords: Canine, Ectoparasites, Endoparasites, Pruritus, Spot on , Drugs.
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